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feeling overwhelmed

We’ve all been there! Feeling overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, needing to do something but unable to figure out how to get started. Everything feels urgent and trying to decide what to do first feels impossible.

I know from too many personal experiences that when you’re in a state of overwhelm, the ability to make decisions that feel aligned and right for you goes out the door. You start reacting instead of thoughtfully responding.

Several years ago I discovered the power that comes from having a plan to deal with those times of overwhelm. It’s a simple plan that gets me out of that space so I can get clear about what I need to do next.

Today, I’d like to share 5 steps you can take to move through overwhelm. This is especially useful when processing a major change in your life.

Know what overwhelm feels like for you

This is going to be different for every person. It can feel like so much energy in your body you might explode at any moment. It might feel like walls are closing in on you or feeling completely lost and spacy in your head.

For me, overwhelm always shows up as excess energy in my body. I have to get that energy out because if I don’t I’m likely to take somebody’s head off.

You want to figure out how overwhelm shows up so you recognize you’re in that space before things go from bad to worse.

Remove yourself from the space

Once your recognize that you’re feeling overwhelmed, the next step is to remove yourself from the physical space. It can mean getting up from your desk and walking down the hall. It can be going into another room in the house. Or it can mean simply stepping outside for a few minutes.

The important thing is that you get out of the physical space you’re currently in. Trying to stay there and push through it is counter-productive and doesn’t actually work.

Move your body

If you are a runner, go for a run. If you like to dance then have a mini-dance party. Do something to get your body moving because it will expel the excess energy building up in your body.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. You can walk around the block a couple of times. Or walk down the driveway. The key is that you do something to move your body.

Get grounded

Overwhelm pulls you out of the present moment. But life is happening in the present and you have to stay focused in order to figure out your next steps. This is why getting grounded is important. It brings you back to THIS moment in time.

A few deep breaths while your walking can help. I find being outside very grounding so I often will step outside for at least 10 minutes to get me back aligned with the present. Bringing in something simple that represents my happy place also helps me feel grounded. I will often grab a cup of tea because tea makes me happy.

Figure out what works for you and get grounded. Nothing complicated. Simple is the key here.

Ask yourself one question

Overwhelm convinces you that everything is urgent and MUST be done right now. But that’s usually not the case. Once you’ve gotten the energy out of your body and you’re grounded and in the present again, you want to ask yourself one question to get moving.

If your to-do list is overwhelming you then ask, “What is the next MOST important thing I need to do?”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by circumstances in general then ask. “What do I MOST need in this moment?” 

Asking what is MOST important or what you MOST need helps lift the fog from your mind and your next steps become clearer.

Moving through overwhelm is absolutely necessary if you are going to process the changes happening in your world. Having a plan for dealing with overwhelm is also critical for keeping life from feeling stressful.

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Here’s to you rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,

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