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“Working with Makeda has been amazing! Her knowledge and compassion are exactly what I needed in my life.  In the time we have been working together I feel more confident and I’m better able to share my thoughts and also my needs to others in my life. I’m getting better at saying NO and becoming less of a people pleaser.  Most importantly, she has taught me about being kind to myself by teaching me that ‘I am enough’. She is truly a gift and I am grateful for her patience and support.”

Makeda is safe, easy and fun to work with! I love how she waits and allows me to seek what my heart is really feeling in order to unearth what I had been suppressing. Every session with her was valuable but the greatest part was when I could see the change for myself in my emotions when in circumstances. There is 0% judgment in every conversations which creates a safe place to process the hard things. I loved working with her. 

The leadership coaching I have had with Makeda has been invaluable. I hadn’t realized the power my own inner critic wielded over my thought-life. Through Makeda’s coaching, I have learned to identify negative self-talk & challenge that voice with truth. Eradicating that negativity has freed up space for a healthier, happier, authentically “me” way of thinking and living.

“Working with Makeda has changed my life. The tools she has given me WORK and they have been a real gift in my life. When I get “paralyzed” by an issue, I now know I get to make the choice to stay stuck or to do what I need to do in that moment. The tools I now have help me get unstuck faster and easier. She is amazing and I am forever grateful for her.”

Working with Makeda continues to be a great experience.  She is compassionate, confident, courageous and truly cares for those she coaches. One of her best assets is that she takes time to really listen, then offers practical suggestions to help find a solution.  When I have found that I have reached the ceiling in my leadership, she has helped me push beyond what I thought I was capable of. Because of the value she adds to my personal growth, work, and family, I continue my coaching relationship with her.  Makeda has a unique way of making everything better!

Working with Makeda has by far allowed me to change and challenge the way I do things. The saying is, that doing the same thing and hoping for change is the true definition of insanity. However, insanity comes natural because it is all that we know. Makeda provided me with a non-judgmental space  and navigated me through the many layers of those external expectations and judgments to discover who I was and what I really wanted. This built my confidence in being who I am and in my decision making. She has an innate ability to get directly to your self-conscious and bring things to surface that help make decisions easy. Her flexibility supported my growth because when needed she was there in real time. Challenges are never scheduled and she made herself available during those times so that we were able to walk through them in the moment rather than me blowing everything up and then recapping later. We were able to talk in terms of, “What to do now versus”, “What I did wrong and need to do next time”. This made a huge difference as bad habits are hard to break and you truly learn in the moment of doing.

Working with Makeda has been wonderful! She has an amazing ability to get right to the heart of what’s keeping me stuck. Whenever we encounter a knot in my thinking, Makeda patiently and carefully works at it until the tangle loosens and the problem unravels. Her approach is simple and straightforward. No matter how overwhelmed I feel going into our sessions, I come out of them feeling empowered. With Makeda’s help, getting to the top of a scary mountain has been broken down into manageable, doable steps.

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