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I would venture to say that the stress level of most people in this country (and dare I say worldwide) is at an all-time high. The pressure to get as much done as possible in a single day is leading to people sleeping less, subsisting on coffee or other forms of caffeine, and not to mention the price being paid in our bodies.

I don’t know about you but when I’m in a high-stress situation, I find it impossible to think clearly. Stress silences my intuition and leaves me unable to know what the next right step is for me.

I’m guessing I’m not alone with that feeling. I know you already know that reducing your stress levels is important and I’m sure you have a few go-to’s when you need to get stress-free.

But just in case you don’t, and in honor of National Stress Awareness Month, I offer you 9 unconventional ways you can decrease stress.

Color swear words

Adult coloring books have definitely become a thing in the last few years. But these coloring books take this to a whole new level. If you are easily offended then feel free to ignore. But if you have a good sense of humor and you want a unique way to decompress, then one of these just might do the trick.

Solo dance party

Moving your body is a GREAT way to get the energy of increased stress out of your body and who doesn’t love a good dance party. Find your favorite Pandora station and take 10 minutes to dance your heart out. Don’t worry about who’s watching you, just have fun with it.

Walk a Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth can be a very calming experience. A labyrinth moves you along a single closed path towards a center and back out. Once you step in, you simply follow the path where it takes you. It is one of the most peaceful experiences I have had and I highly recommend walking one. You can find one close to you here.

Noise canceling headphones

When it all gets to be a little too noisy, putting one a pair of noise canceling headphones can instantly bring a sense of calm. I have a pair of Bose and they are always within reach on my desk. They have kept me sane on more than one occasion.

Scream in the car or into a pillow

Sometimes a good scream is all you need to push past the overwhelming feeling of stress. Allowing a primal roar to rise up from inside you and letting it out can be incredibly cathartic. Some people I know find doing this in the car helpful, I prefer to scream into my pillow. Either way, get your scream on 

Massage ear lobes

Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture and acupressure, massaging your ear lobes is actually a simple way to decrease stress. There are trigger points inside your ears that relax specific parts of your body. It is very simple and easy to do.

Rub a rock

Grab the smoothest rock you can find and put it in your pocket. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, rub your thumb back and forth on that rock. It seems silly but the rhythmic motion is very soothing and can help ground you. There are actual worry stones that have a groove inside them perfect for this action. You can get one of those but really any smooth rock should work.

Nerf ball fight

Who doesn’t enjoy throwing something at another person?!  Get a few Nerf Balls and have a full on fight with some friends. Sure you’re just playing but while you’re playing you’re also releasing endorphins. Those endorphins make you feel good and help reduce your stress. So go fight somebody (but use Nerf balls so nobody gets hurt  )

Take a breath break

Intentionally bringing your attention to your breath is a simple yet highly effective way to decrease stress. My favorite technique for this is one I call 5 Breaths. Put your hands on your chest, inhale for a count of 5, exhale for a count of 5, and repeat 5 times. Super easy to do and super helpful to bring your stress down.

Feeling stressed out significantly impacts your productivity and effectiveness. It can also hinder any decision-making process you may be trying to move through. Therefore, finding effective ways to manage your stress is non-negotiable.

In addition to the tips I’ve already shared, I have a free resource to further support you. Learn more ways you can decrease stress and keep it under control. Enter your info and start your 5-Day journey to less stress.

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