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courage igniter call

Join me for this complimentary call and let’s explore the possibilities waiting for you on the other side of you feeling stuck. 

Terrified and filled with doubt about the change you know you need to make?

Made a change recently but now feeling stuck and unsure what to do next? 

Ready to do whatever it takes to feel more confident and courageous?

The Courage Igniter Call is a complimentary conversation where we can take an honest look at what you really want for yourself, what has been standing in the way of you accessing your courage and why it’s time to get to where you want to be.

This is a no obligation call; simply a way for you to be heard as you speak up and name out loud the secret desires of your heart. If you feel drawn to potentially working with me privately, I offer a 4-month one-on-one package for $400 per month. 

If you are interested in potentially working with me pick the day and time that works for you and discover what’s possible when you Ignite Your Courage

Who is Makeda?

Hello! I’m Makeda, your personal Mindset Coach and Courage Igniter. After navigating multiple major life and career changes, I am 100% convinced that fear is temporary but regret is permanent. I use the lessons I’ve learned in my own journey to support women facing change in their life. My genius is in creating a safe space for my clients as they navigate the chaos of the in-between, the place between what was and what is not yet. I believe there is greatness in each of us and it is the responsibility of our lifetime to rise into that greatness. I’ll help you discover what that means for you in your life journey. I love the ocean, sun-kissed days, and a good steaming hot cup of tea (always tea, never coffee).

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