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Fear is temporary but regret is permanent!

You’re standing at the edge of a way of living or being that is not working for you. But the idea of leaving it or trying to change things feels overwhelming and you’re stuck.

You think you know what you want but the truth is you’re not even sure anymore. Nothing feels clear; everything is foggy.

BUT there is a part of you that knows things CAN be different. You want things to be better and a part of you knows it’s possible.

You’re ready to feel more confident; to feel at home in your body and in your life again.

You’re ready to get moving because you know there is joy, peace and contentment on the other side of being stuck.

You believe there is fulfillment, deep soul level fulfillment waiting for you if you could just take the leap.

I’m Makeda and my genius lies in creating a safe space for you to get really clear about what it is you want; the step you need to take to start moving in that direction, and then holding space with and for you in the chaos of the in-between.

It is the space between what was and what is not yet that keeps most people stuck. The in-between is full of uncertainty; full of second-guessing, and wondering if you made the right decision.

I will stand with you as you move through the in-between because I BELIEVE you CAN find freedom on the other side.

I BELIEVE your fear, doubt, and negative thinking CAN be transformed.

I BELIEVE you have more strength, boldness, and badass bravery than you realize.

I BELIEVE you have it in you to access your courage and make the change you’ve needed to make.

If you’re ready then schedule your complimentary Courage Igniter Session with me today!

Here’s to you finding your brave, regret proofing your life and rising into your greatness.



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