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being enough, you are enough

One of the tenets that fuel the passion of my work is the absolute conviction that you are already enough just the way you are today. Without changing a single thing about yourself, without adding or subtracting anything from yourself, you are already enough.

But what does being enough mean? I have heard the argument that accepting your enoughness is equivalent to being lazy and unmotivated. In this mindset, being enough means you have no ambition and are unwilling to change.

I wholeheartedly disagree. When I say you are enough, this is what I mean: 

Imperfections are celebrated

Being enough does not mean being perfect. Perfection is not a human option. As a recovering perfectionist, I know how hard it is to believe the truth of that statement. But the fact is perfection is an elusive thing and if you strive for it, you’ll always fall short.

The people and things you believe to be perfect are not real they are manufactured. Looking to them as your standard causes you to miss out on the real beauty in life. Because it is in the imperfections where true beauty lives. Enoughness means accepting and celebrating your imperfections because they are the best and truest expression of you.

Mistakes are allowed

Along a similar train of thought, being enough also doesn’t mean you never make mistakes. None of us ever get it 100% right and believing that is possible only sets you up for feeling like you’re not enough.

Mistakes happen but being enough means you recognize that your mistakes don’t define you. You are not the sum total of the mistakes you make in this lifetime. When you know you are enough you know your mistakes help add richness to the story of who you are becoming, they are not your whole story.

Growth is welcomed

When you know you are enough, you are open to opportunities to stretch and grow. Enoughness is not an invitation to stop working on you. You know you’re not done developing.

There is depth to you and the challenges you face in life help reveal new layers of who you are. As this happens environments where you once thrived no longer work for you and you are open to change to ensure your continued growth. Owning your enoughness means creating space for your best self to emerge.

Support is given and received

Being enough doesn’t mean you are self-sufficient and an island unto yourself, able to manage everything on your own. It’s actually the opposite. When you know you are enough you are not afraid to ask for help. You know that asking for help is a sign of strength and wisdom, not a sign of weakness (as is so often portrayed).

You also don’t hesitate to offer support to others because you know life is not a zero-sum game. Helping another person doesn’t diminish or take away from you if anything helping others adds to your life. When you are anchored in your enoughness you are able to live out the richness of this truth.

Permission granted

For me, being enough is about giving yourself permission to let your FULL self be seen. It is allowing the good, the bad, and even the ugly parts of you into the light where they can be given the chance to shine.

You are not all good or all bad. None of us are; we are all a combination of all of it. Choosing to hide any part of you for fear of being rejected is understandable and yet that choice robs your soul of freedom, joy, and peace of mind.

If you are struggling with feeling like you are enough then I invite you to download the You ARE Enough Manifesto and remember who you are! Because, changing NOTHING about yourself, you are ALREADY enough! 

The You Are Enough Manifesto

You’re not tall enough, rich enough, smart enough, focused enough. The list is endless of all the ways you’re made to believe you are not enough. This one-page manifesto is a simple reminder that you ARE ENOUGH! Download the manifesto and start remembering who you are.

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Here’s to you owning your enoughness and rising into your greatness!

From my heart to yours,



P.S: It’s time for you to get out from underneath the crushing weight of striving to be enough. It’s time for you to own your enoughness and rise into your greatness. If you are struggling to believe the truth of this let’s talk. Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me where we can look at what it is you want for yourself and the things standing in your way. We will also look at what it will take to move you from where you are to where you want to be. The call is absolutely free. Schedule one today.  

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