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Over the years I’ve done a lot of my own personal work in dealing with negative self-talk. For too many years, I allowed the negativity in my head to control how I showed up in the world, often in much smaller ways than I was truly capable.

Knowing first hand how insidious negative self-talk can be, I work a lot with my clients in learning how to deal with their own self-talk. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have to contend with it on some level.

There are people who are good at managing their self-talk and it’s not a huge issue for them though it’s still there. For other people, it’s a lot harder because it’s so persistent it often feels like the default way of thinking.

If you fall into the second group, today I’m sharing three (3) ways you can leverage your negative self-talk to work FOR you instead of against you.

Flip It

It’s easy to spiral down the dark tunnel of negativity. Once the spiral starts it can feel impossible to stop it. But the truth is your brain can be rewired to take those negative thoughts and flip them around.

Instead of allowing the negativity to go unchecked, make a conscious decision to replace it with positive thoughts. This means taking inventory of what you are hearing and choosing to interrupt them when they start.

My experience, and those of my clients, has shown me that you are likely repeating the same handful of thoughts about yourself. Notice those thoughts and choose to turn them around.

Prove it wrong

The energy and fuel for negative self-talk are coming from outside of you. More times than not it starts as a result of comparing yourself to someone else. You may not even realize in the moment that you’re playing the comparison game. But comparison-itis is the number one accelerant of negative self-talk.

Another way to leverage negative self-talk is to set out to prove it wrong. I don’t mean you start striving to be better than ‘x’ person next to you. Instead, use it as motivation to go bigger than you ever dreamed possible.

Negative self-talk often results in you shrinking, hiding, and playing small. Take those thoughts and beat them at their own game. Again, it’s about making a choice. Choose to go bigger. Show your negative self-talk what you really are made of because clearly, it is underestimating you 

See it as an invitation

If you let it, your negative self-talk can be an invitation to get curious about why it’s showing up. Usually, there’s a fear hiding behind that negative self-talk. Get curious about what that fear is so you can deal with it directly as opposed to getting paralyzed by your self-talk.

Once again, this will require you to pay attention to what you’re thinking. Writing down the negative thoughts is a great way to start and then start asking why. Why are you thinking that thought? I’ve found asking why will typically lead you to other questions that can unearth the fear that’s hiding.

Getting to the root of what’s behind negative self-talk can be a game changer for you. It’s like peeling back the curtain to reveal what’s really running the show of your life. I’ve got a FREE resource for you to help you learn the truth.

Download the Truth Behind Negative Self-Talk and start getting a handle on your negative thoughts today.

Learn The Truth

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Here’s to you leveraging your negative self-talk and rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,



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