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learning to surrender

As we are officially in the second half of 2016, I thought I would give you an update on how I’m doing with my OneWord for this year, SURRENDER.

Every year instead of making resolutions, I choose one word I want to embody my year. More accurately, a word chooses me and I decide to accept the word believing it has come to me for a reason.

When SURRENDER presented itself as my word for 2016 I was very resistant to receive it. I understood intuitively that embodying this word would challenge me and I was not wrong. The first six months of 2016 have definitely stretched me but in a good way.


The overarching theme so far this year has been learning to surrender into trust.

Surrender is often seen as weakness, interpreted as a sign of giving up or admitting defeat. What I’m discovering this year is that surrender IS about giving up but it’s about giving up the need to be in control.

The control freak in me, who needs to have a plan of action for every possible circumstance, has had to learn to relinquish that control and surrender into a deep place of trust. Trusting the Divine and trusting myself!


This has not been easy as I have experienced more than one failure this year. But each time things didn’t go as planned and when the disappointments started piling up, I had a choice to make.

I could choose to believe things were happening TO me or I could choose to believe they were happening FOR me; I chose the latter.

Over and over again this year, I have chosen to SURRENDER into the belief that everything is working for my highest and best good (sometimes easier said that done).


This learning to surrender has meant giving up old beliefs and old stories that were no longer serving me. It has meant looking at things that once served as anchors for me and realizing those anchors were now tethering me to a way of living I did not want.

Letting them go, though, called on every bit of my courage as things often felt wobbly and unsteady. I described it to a trusted advisor as being in the middle of the ocean, stepping from one boat over into another, while a massive storm is happening around me.

Nothing felt stable and for a couple of months, at the beginning of the year, I felt unsure about everything. Gradually things started to settle down and I found my footing again.

Lessons Learned

Despite those challenges, embodying surrender has yielded some beautiful lessons for me.

I feel a new depth to my spirituality and my connection to the Divine. It’s hard to put into words but I deeply believe the Universe is conspiring on my behalf.

I’ve witnessed countless moments of serendipity and tiny coincidences that have clearly been the work of the Divine. There is now a certainty in me that I have never felt before and it feels good.

I’m hiding less allowing more of me to be seen, both literally and figuratively. I’ve been more vulnerable, sharing new details about my story. This has opened me up and created more spaciousness in my heart that I didn’t see coming.

Most of all, I have deepened even further into my work, becoming more certain than ever about the medicine I have to bring into the world.

My Commitment

I take these lessons of surrender with me as I start this second half of the year. I’ll do my best to continue relinquishing control. Instead, I’ll step into the ease of allowing things to come to and through me.

My commitment to you and to this community is stronger than ever. I believe this place of allowing (rather than controlling) will equip me to be of greater service to you.

I’m now really curious to see what the rest of 2016 will bring.

Here’s to you and me both rising even more into our greatness.

From my heart to yours,





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