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On August 2nd my business will turn TWO! I realize that is not very long but I consider it a milestone since I’ve considered quitting multiple times over the last two years.

To celebrate, I’m giving back AND I want to offer you an opportunity to join me in helping to change the lives of some very special young ladies. Read on to learn more.

Giving back as always been a part of my business model. A percentage of my profit goes to support a variety of organizations both locally and internationally. I don’t talk a lot about that; I just do it.

However, for the next week, I want ALL of us to get involved in giving back to a wonderful organization.

Seeing what’s possible

So much of what we believe ourselves capable of is formed in childhood. The voices and influences of those around us shape how we see ourselves. If we never see what’s possible it’s hard to imagine it for ourselves.

Growing up as a poor, black girl I could easily have become a statistic, dropping out of school and becoming a young unwed mother.

But my mother’s unwavering commitment to my education set me on the path of seeing what was possible instead of what society said about me. Education helped change my story.

Changing the story for young Latina girls

This is why I love the work of Circle de Luz. My friend, Rosie Molinary, started Circle de Luz after witnessing first hand the disproportionately low amount of resources available to help young Latina girls stay in school. A few statistics to put this into perspective:

• 41% of Latina girls do not graduate with their class in four years.
• 1/3 of girls who do drop out cite MARRIAGE or pregnancy as the reason.
• 51% of Latina girls get pregnant with their first child before the age of 20.

Rosie and the team at Circle de Luz are committed to shifting those statistics. They want these girls to see what’s possible beyond the box society wants to put them in.

Their mission is to radically empower young Latinas by supporting their transformation through extensive mentoring, holistic programming and scholarship funds for further education.

Let’s do some good

Every year Circle de Luz makes a commitment to support and mentor a group of girls, starting in 7th grade all the way through their High School graduation.

Sponsors, or Mijas, of the girls in the program donate $100 per year for 6 years (each year the girls are in the program).

Every 10 Mijas helps sponsor 1 girl in the program. The pooled resources of these 10 donors create a minimum $5,000 scholarship for that girl, which goes towards her post-secondary education.

For my second Anniversary I want our community to help get 2 girls sponsored.

Between today and August 2nd (my anniversary date) I would love for 20 people to commit to giving $100 annually over the next 6 years, that’s $8.33 a month, about what you might pay for a morning run to Starbucks.

Become a Mija

I’ve already made a commitment to give $200 a year and I would love for you to join me and become a Mija (our count of 20 does not include me).

You don’t have to give anything right now; you only need to commit to giving by completing this letter of intent. The financial commitment is not that large but the ripple effect of your support is massive.

Check out this video to learn more about how Circle de Luz changed one girl’s life and how she is in turn impacting the lives of those around her. THIS is the essence of my work modeled so beautifully in this young woman’s life.

Would you help us get 2 girls supported? Be one of the 20! Complete the letter of intent and help a young Latina girl discover what’s possible.

Here’s you helping a young girl rise into her greatness!

From my heart to yours, 




P.S: We need 20 people to commit to being a sponsor by August 2nd. Fill out the letter of intent and change a young girl’s life today. Thank you! 

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