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my legacy, your legacy

Like a lot of people right now, I’m slightly obsessed with the musical Hamilton. It has me thinking a lot about the idea of legacy and how negative self-talk almost ruined the potential impact of my legacy.

I don’t have children so my legacy will be in the work I do and the impact I have on the people I come in contact with during my lifetime.

When history tells my story, I want it to tell the story of someone who courageously showed up on behalf of others. Someone who didn’t let fear or doubt stop her from doing what she knows she was meant to do.

The vision of this goes beyond the coaching work I’m currently doing and I’ve got big ideas taking shape in my heart, which I’ll share more about later.

A Supporting Role

As this vision starts to unfold, I am struck with the realization that so much of what I’m doing now (and all of what I hope to do in the future) might never have happened. I might never have had the courage to do any of this because of the negative voice in my head and the story I was telling myself of what I was truly capable.

For a long time, I relegated myself to playing a supporting role in someone else’s story instead of taking center stage in my own life.

I believed the narrative running around in my head that said I wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, or outgoing enough to do anything more than be the “behind-the-scenes girl”.

I allowed those negative beliefs to dictate how I lived my life and while I did make a difference, I was also meant for more.

My legacy ultimately was not simply to tell someone else’s story. I had my own story to tell and the persistent nagging of that story kept trying to get my attention.

Changing the Narrative

I remember the day as clearly as if it happened yesterday. I was in my room, getting dressed for work and the voice in my head was having a go at me.

“You’re too fat. Nobody can stand to look at you. Nobody cares what you have to say. It’s just a matter of time before they figure out you don’t know anything and fire you.”

On and on the voice in my head assaulted and I was exhausted from the abuse. Oddly enough, that was the day I decided to take my life back.

Something shifted in me that day and while it was a process and it took some time, I did eventually learn how to quiet that voice. I reclaimed my power from the negative self-talk and when I did that I stepped into a starring role in my own life.

This looked like me finding the courage to walk away from a life I loved but one that I knew was not ultimately the one I was meant to live.

It looked like me feeling completely terrified as I started my own business with no secondary income to fall back on should it not work out.

It looks like me every day choosing not to listen to the negative story that still tries to run around in my head because now I understand that my legacy is on the line.

If I let the negativity win, I hold back and I don’t fully show up. When I don’t show up, I diminish my impact and there is a ripple effect of that loss.

What is your legacy?

How have you been playing a supporting role in your own life? How is your legacy being impacted by the negative stories you are currently telling yourself (and believing)?

What I know to be true is that if you don’t get the negativity in your head under control, you will never have the kind of impact you long to have.

You will continue to play small, hiding in the shadows of your greatness. Procrastinating and putting off living the life you sense is calling you all because you’re allowing the negative story to win.

If you’re done with fear and doubt dictating your life and you’re ready to change the “not good enough” narrative, then I invite you to schedule a Greatness Activation call with me. On this call we will discuss what you really want for yourself and how your negative self-talk has been standing in your way. We’ll also look at what it will take to get you from point A to point B. Schedule this complimentary call today

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