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reframing change

As I have been making a few changes in my life and business this month, I have spent the last few weeks thinking (and talking) about the ways we get stuck and/or avoid change.

I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to change. I, for one, don’t do well with change. I like being able to predict and know exactly what’s going to happen so I can plan.

The challenge, of course, is that if everything is predictable then there’s no room for the unexpected. And while we are programmed to believe the unexpected equals bad, it can also mean that beautiful things come our way.

There is magic waiting to be experienced when we allow ourselves to move outside of what is familiar and comfortable. Today, I want to share with you 6 things to help you reframe how you think about change so you can get unstuck and moving towards the magic that’s waiting for you.

Choose your perspective

When it comes to reframing change, where you start from in your mind matters. If you start from believing it is impossible then impossible it will be because what you focus on IS what will grow. You have to decide early on to stay open to new possibilities. If you focus only on the doors that might close with this change, you’ll miss seeing all the windows that could also open for you.

Hold yourself with grace and kindness

Change will stretch you in unexpected ways. Some of those you will find enjoyable, most you won’t. And one guaranteed by-product of change is that all of your insecurities (and a few you didn’t know you had) will come to the surface. When that happens, grace and kindness are needed. Stay out of judgment and RLK it (give yourself Ridiculous Levels of Kindness).

Acknowledge how you are feeling

Pretending you’re not feeling what you’re feeling will do you no good. What you resist is what will persist so instead of pretending you’re not scared out of your mind, acknowledge it. Those emotions that you judge as bad or wrong, they need naming. Often, just the act of naming them reduces some of the power they have over you. So whatever you’re feeling, acknowledge it.

Notice the thoughts running through your mind

Along the same lines as acknowledging your feeling, you also want to start paying attention to the thoughts running around in your mind. Notice the things you’re thinking about because it’s your self-talk that needs to change first and your inner critic, that annoying negative voice in your head, is doing all she can to make sure you stay put. Your job is to notice those thoughts and then…

Get curious

This is where you get to turn into the Sherlock Holmes of your thought life. You want to start getting curious about those thoughts and where they might be coming from. Are they really your thoughts/beliefs or did you pick them up from someone else? Your curiosity around your thoughts is necessary if you are going to get unstuck.

Engage fear’s story

The biggest obstacle to making any change is fear. If you even start thinking about changing, fear shows up and when it does it almost always brings a story with it. Usually, the story is connected to all the reasons this change is the worst idea ever. Rather than run from that story, I invite you to engage with the story. Listen to it and follow it to see where it takes you. More times than not the story fear tells us proves to be a false one. So engage fear’s story, don’t be afraid of it.

Change is hard and it can also be painful but change is also beautiful. I know from personal experience that if you risk change, you’ll discover a life you never dreamed possible.

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Here’s to you reframing change and rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,



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