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what needs releasing

If we’re willing to listen, nature has a lot to teach us. I’m a city girl so while I can easily tell the difference between an ambulance, fire truck, and police car siren, I wasn’t much for listening to nature. But this has started to change recently. I’m beginning to see all the wisdom unfolding around me in nature.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of releasing. We are in the throws of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere (though with recent temps in the 70’s, it hasn’t felt much like winter). The trees are barren having released their leaves in the fall and while they look empty, I know there’s a lot happening within them during this time of year.

I’m also learning the wisdom of the moon. You would think as an ocean lover I would have appreciated the moon’s power and wisdom before now but alas I have not. I am learning, however, that the various cycles of the moon have a lot to teach us. For example, the Full Moon has an energy associated with it that brings things in, like the tide. 🙂

Also, approximately three days a month the moon goes dark leading into the New Moon, which is a great time to let things go. Very much like the trees releasing their leaves as the nights get longer leading into winter.

We are just a few days away from February’s New Moon so my thoughts have turned to this idea of releasing. I’m doing a personal inventory of what needs releasing in my own life but I wonder what needs releasing in your life? What has been standing in your way, keeping you from moving forward or making a change in your life?

Is it…?


Each step outside your comfort zone provides a new opportunity for fear to show up. Sometimes it will show up in familiar ways, other times in ways you’ve never experienced before. Either way, the point is the fear is there and it has one objective, to try to stop you from moving forward. It’s up to you whether or not it wins. What fears might you need to release to step into the life you know is calling you?


Your inner critic likes telling you how not enough you are. You’re not good enough, smart enough, or any other “not enough” you can think of. Every “you’re not _______ enough” robs you of your self-confidence. Maybe it’s time you decided that you, exactly as you are right now, are enough. Maybe it’s time for you to release those messages from your inner critic so you can risk that thing you’ve been wanting to do but thought you weren’t good enough to do.

A relationship

Be it romantic or a friendship is there a relationship in your life that you know it’s time for you to release? Maybe it’s not a current one; maybe it’s a relationship from your past that you’ve been holding onto for too long. You’ve held onto the hurt or the anger for so long, you can barely remember a time when it wasn’t there. Maybe it’s time for you to let it go to make room for something more joyful and soul nourishing.

A familiar habit

Habits are comfortable not to mention predictable and their predictability helps create a level of safety, which is not always a bad thing. But when your habits keep you entrenched in a life that is no longer working for you, now you have a problem. Just because you’ve always done something doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it, especially if it’s not creating an outcome you really want. You have permission to let that habit go and to do something different.

Old ways of thinking

Mindset is tricky business. On the one hand, those established attitudes and thought processes help you move through your world in an organized and logical manner. On the other hand, however, those mindsets can limit how you see the world and, in many instances, yourself. What do you need to embrace as possible that, up until now, you decided wasn’t possible? Maybe it’s time you released some of those old ways of thinking that are limiting how you show up in the world.

Whatever it is that you need to release, may you find the courage to let those things go. After all, your greatness is waiting on the other side.

From my heart to yours,




If you know some of these things are holding you back but the idea of letting them go feels too scary, let’s talk. Schedule a complimentary all where we can discuss what it could look like for you to feel supported as you let go what needs releasing in your life.

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