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When I started my gratitude practice back in 2015, I was overwhelmed by the many things in my life I felt were going wrong.

I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time but I was definitely in victim mode. Why is this happening to me? Why don’t things ever work out for me? On and on the whining went in my head.

While in that mindset there was no inspiration flowing through me and I felt stuck in my business and quite frankly in life in general. I decide to start a gratitude list because I got tired of the negativity running around in my head.

As of this writing, I have written over 1,000 gratitude lists. I KNOW that gratitude has played a key role in me getting unstuck back in 2015 and in moving forward since then.

Based on my personal experience, I want to share with you 5 specific ways I know gratitude gets you unstuck. Gratitude…

Combats Fear

If you’re anything like me then fear of what might happen is likely keeping you stuck. Gratitude combats this fear because it causes you to look at what IS instead of what might be. It keeps you in the present while fear is almost always future based. Over and over again, my gratitude practice has proven to be a powerful antidote to fear.

Shifts perspective

Gratitude shifts your attention away from what’s going wrong and helps you see all the things going well in your life. Over time, this creates a more positive mindset in you. You more easily find the good even on the really hard days.

Brings joy

When you’re in gratitude joy is much easier to access. You notice the things that make you happy and you give yourself permission to experience those things fully. You don’t rush past them. Gratitude slows you down so you can fully appreciate and be with the moments that make your heart smile.

Reveals Possibility

Regularly practicing gratitude opens you up to life in new ways. You become more aware of new opportunities, new relationships, even new adventures you might not have considered before. When in gratitude the world opens up before you in exciting new ways, full of possibility 

Energizes You

As new opportunities come to you, gratitude energizes you to seize those opportunities. You are motivated to chase the dream, reach the goal or make whatever changes you need to make to get you there. Obstacles become stepping-stones on the path to you achieving things you never dreamed possible before.

Let’s make it a practice

These are just a few of the benefits that are possible from a having a regular gratitude practice. It takes 21 days for a new habit to develop and this is one well worth developing.

In November I’m hosting my annual 21-Day Gratitude Challenge. It’s my third year doing it and it’s always one of the highlights of my year. The purpose of this challenge is to help you get in the habit of expressing your gratitude.

Gratitude Challenge

What if cultivating gratitude was the key to being more courageous? What if getting unstuck started with giving thanks? Join this 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge and discover the power of gratitude to shift perspective and move you forward towards your dreams. We start November 1st.

Almost done! Check your email to confirm please 🙂

It’s all happening inside my private FB group. Daily prompts will be provided to make it easier for you to get started. There will also be opportunities for you to connect with and support others who are also doing the same thing.

Where might you be after spending November practicing gratitude? Let’s find out together. The fun kicks off on November 1st. Click here to get all the details and to get signed up.

From my heart to yours,



P.S: Gratitude is a gift we give ourselves. Join me for this challenge and unpack the many surprises waiting for you inside this practice. Can’t wait for us to get started.

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