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I am struck by the consistency with which women, in particular, believe we are not enough. The idea that I am not enough is the most common refrain my inner critic likes to offer up to me but the truth is I am enough and so are you.

Everyone has an opinion about who you should. Lots of well meaning people offer you their thoughts of what you should do, how you should act, and what you should say but I say screw their shoulds and their expectations.

The truth is no one knows better than you what is right for you. Stop looking outside yourself for that truth and validation and instead look within. The answers are there. As Steve Jobs rightfully once said, your heart and your intuition, already know what you truly want to become.

So stop letting other people’s voices drown this out (and that includes the voice of your inner critic). Despite all the evidence that you think you can find, you ARE actually enough, just as you are without having to change a single thing.


YOU, with the crooked smile and gap in your teeth, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with gray hairs crowning your head and wrinkles lining your eyes and mouth, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your full hips, round belly and thighs that rub together, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, in your frazzled, haven’t showered in 2 days because the kids have been sick state, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with “only” your high school education (but a lifetime of experiences), ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your Ph.D. and your advanced trainings (but still feeling inadequate), ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your straight, refusing to embrace curls of any kind hair, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your nappy, naturally curly, refusing to be tamed hair, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with that extra 10, 20 or 50 pounds, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your narrow, rail thin, athletic body, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your loud voice and passionate heart, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, in your shy, afraid to let anyone see you personality, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with the sadness in your eyes from a sorrow you can hardly name, ARE ENOUGH.

YOU, with your purple hair and wildly imaginative fashion sense, ARE ENOUGH.


The voices that are screaming how not enough you are have to be silenced. If you let them have too much say in your head and your heart, you will derail the life you were born to live.

You will become some poor imitation of who “they” say you should be instead of becoming the glorious masterpiece you are meant to be and the world will lose out on all the things that only YOU can do.

Don’t rob us of the gift of you because someone has managed to convince you that you aren’t enough. The world needs you, imperfections and all.

Here’s to you embracing your enoughness and rising into your greatness!

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From my heart to yours,




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