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prioritizing self-care

We all know prioritizing self-care is important but few of us are actually intentional about our self-care. We may have a few things here or there that we do but for the most part, self-care is more hit or miss.

Part of the reason for this is most people think self-care means getting massages or eating ice cream on the couch while bingeing on Netflix. While these things can be a part of your self-care routine, they are not really what self-care is about.

Self-care is the active participation in enhancing the quality of your health. It is any intentional actions that you take to care for your physical, mental, emotional and in some cases relational health. In a nutshell, self-care is about looking after your whole self in a healthy way.

There is no one size fits all approach to self-care. We are all unique and the things that nourish us will be different.

Soul Care

I like to reframe self-care as soul care. My experience has taught that when my soul is well nourished I can approach things in my life with a lot more ease and peace.

I am a huge advocate of creating what I call a personalized soul care script. When you go to the doctor, she will often write you a prescription either to help you heal or to prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

I think of a soul care script in the same way. It is a preventative measure to ensure that you stay healthy in all areas of your life. I have a free resource to help you craft your own soul care script.

But before I share it, I want to share with you why you NEED to have one. Besides the generalized “better” health, here are some other reasons you should consider creating a personalized soul care script:

Prevents burnout

A personalized soul care script is about intentionally deciding how you will nourish and nurture all parts of your being. Being more purposeful with every decision decreases your risk of burnout because you’re not burning both ends of the stick.

We were not meant to be on the run 24/7, barely taking the time to get a good night’s sleep. Prioritizing self-care keeps things in perspective and helps you avoid getting to the point where you want to give up.

Reduces stress

Feeling stressed out all the time has become very normalized in our society. We equate busyness with a sense of accomplishment; the busier we are the more successful. And yet, studies have consistently shown that stress actually reduces productivity.

Knowing what to say yes to and where you need to say no is a necessary part of nurturing your well-being. When you set better boundaries on your time and energy, you keep stress levels down. And you are more productive and successful in the long run.

Deepens connection with self

I highly recommend time alone as part of your soul care practice. Even the most extroverted person needs time alone in order to re-calibrate. The noise of other voices and expectations threaten your ability to know what is really going with you.

Regular time by yourself allows your connection to your “self” to deepen. This deeper connection with self creates space for you to notice even subtle changes that might happen in your body. In turn, you can respond faster to help maintain your health.

Strengthens relationships

At the same time I suggest having time alone, I also strongly advocate for intentional time with others. Even for those of us who lean more towards being an introvert, time spent in community with others is a necessary part of being human 

The key is choosing quality over quantity. Quality time with those you care about strengthens the ties that bind you together. Time spent seeing and being seen by those you love will fill your heart’s tank, which will position you to give to others more effectively.

Because we are all unique, I have created a worksheet to help you craft your own personalized Soul Care Script. Download this worksheet and start experiencing the innumerable ways you benefit from prioritizing self-care.

Create Your Personalized Soul Care Script

Grab this FREE download and start being more intentional with your self-care

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Here’s to you designing a script to support you rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,



P.S: If you have tried prioritizing self-care in the past without success, I would love to talk with you about what might be missing to bridge that gap for you. Schedule a complimentary Greatness Activation call with me. On this call, we will take a close look at what it will take to move you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s totally free and my gift to you.

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