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I spent most of my life believing desire was a bad word. I thought desires had to be squashed or ignored otherwise they would lead me to “do bad things”.

Thankfully I’ve grown out of that mindset. Instead what I have found to be true is that our desires are actually holy. They are Divinely planted inside us and provide clues that can guide us in the direction of life we are meant to travel.

It’s okay to have desires

Our desires have a lot to teach us. But we are trained to ignore our desire and instead listen to someone/something outside us.

Learning to let go of that mindset requires giving yourself permission to let it be okay that you desire certain things or desire a different way of being in the world. Let it be okay that you even have desires.

Before I go any further I want to clarify that I’m not talking about sexual desire, as that seems to be the primary context many people have for desire. I’m talking about your hidden passions, the things you’re pushing away for one reason or the other. These are the places where I’m inviting you to explore and see what is waiting for you there.

To begin that exploration, you’ll have to do some permission giving. You have to give yourself permission to:

Notice your desires

The first place you have to give yourself permission is to simply notice your desires.

I had a coach once send me on a desire hunt to help me get reacquainted with my desires. I expected it to be hard but it was even harder than I thought it would be. Conditioning is a powerful thing.

But I discovered that if I could drop into my heart and womb spaces, the places where my intuition lives I could access my desires. This meant getting out of my head and the academic way of approaching life that is comfortable for me. It meant being honest about what I was feeling, experiencing, and, yes, desiring.

I invite you to consider going on a desire hunt too. Pay attention to the things that capture your heart and soul. Notice the places you feel drawn even if your head can’t make sense of it. Start by just noticing.

Name your desires

Once you start noticing, you then want to give yourself permission to say them out loud.

I remember the first time I told a friend about my desire to have my life be different. My voice practically trembled as I spoke but afterward I felt such relief.

Saying your desires out loud can feel scary. But as you give yourself permission to speak them, they gain power and momentum.

And sometimes your desires bring with them an unexpected dream. My desire to have my life BE different led to me dreaming of running my own business. I never in a million years thought I would be an entrepreneur and yet it has proven to be the right dream for me.

Sometimes a dream you didn’t even know you wanted is hiding behind your desires. Give yourself permission to say them out loud. You never know where that simple act might lead you.

Take action

Finally, give yourself permission to take action against your desires. Taking courageous action will transform your desires into reality.

This can feel daunting but remember baby steps count. You don’t have to take giant leaps or make big, grandiose gestures. You can baby step your way forward.

As you name your desires, ask yourself what steps, big or small, can you take to move closer to those desires?

Trust your desires

It is safe for you to desire and those desires CAN be trusted. See them as holy and sacred, and as an invitation to step into a bigger vision for your life.

I know you can do it!

If you want a safe place where you can explore those hidden desires of your heart, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Courage Igniter call with me. This is a sacred conversation where we can look at what it is you really want for yourself, what has been standing in your way, and why now is the time for you to honor your desires.

Click here to schedule your call.

Here’s to you trusting your desires and rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,


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