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Several years ago I took one of the biggest leaps of my life and left the security of my job and my faith community. My reasons for doing so were many but chief among them was the life I was living no longer made sense to me, it no longer fit. I left trying to find my way to a life I felt calling to me.

On the other side of making that change, things were not always easy. In fact, if I’m honest, they were some of the hardest times of my life. During that difficult and often chaotic time in my life, I was frequently tempted to think I had made a mistake. I should have left well enough alone because now look at me!

Gift of Chaos

There were many days and nights of anger and frustration. But what I learned is that just because things weren’t easy, didn’t mean I had made the wrong decision. In fact, I would be willing to argue that the difficulty is a sign of the rightness of the decision.

Sure, there is chaos and uncertainty but what those hard times did was strip away who I was, the persona and identity I had assumed to be successful by someone else’s standards. Those hard times forced me to look at myself and gave me an opportunity to decide who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up in the world.

I was introduced to the best parts of me, parts that I had hidden away playing by someone else’s rules. The difficulties of that time showed me who I really was; affirming some things I already knew but revealing whole new layers to the being I am.

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Potential Found

A seed does not discover its potential in the light. The seed finds it in the dark, damp soil of the earth. It is in the dark that what it was is stripped away so that what it is meant to be can be birthed.

Sometimes leaps cause us to soar and when that happens life is good. But other times leaps drop us into the dark where we can discover who we truly are. Those moments don’t feel as good but hiding inside them is a richness, depth, and insight that can only be found in the dark.

Beyond the Darkness

Sadly, when we leap, we don’t know which it will be. Will we soar or will we be dropped into the darkness? We want to soar right away but maybe, just maybe, we need the chaos of the dark before we can rise. Because, if we are willing to be with the difficulty, we can discover that beyond the darkness lies our greatness.

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Here’s to you moving beyond the dark and rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours, 


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  1. YES YES & more YES! Every word resonates with me!! ❤️ I’ve always had this internal voice that speaks clearly, loudly, very direct & certain. This voice is louder & different than my personal thoughts. I always questioned it, doubted it. But I now think of this voice as my guides, my intuition perhaps? I’ve learned to see lessons, to grow, expand, & I’ve never regretted listening to it.
    Thank u for sharing!

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