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Rise into your greatness!

I say this a lot. It is my deeply held belief that there is a divinely planted seed of greatness in you. I further believe it is the responsibility of your lifetime to rise into that greatness.

When I speak of greatness I don’t mean great as defined by cultural norms. Instead I mean you are living into the best version of yourself possible. You are fully present and showing up fully for your life. You make no apologies for being who you are and in this powerful place you are positively impacting your world.

But greatness can sometimes feel elusive. It can sometimes feel like something that’s meant for other people, not for you. It feels too big, too much for “someone like you”.

But I challenge that notion because I KNOW that you are here for a specific and unique reason and I want you to discover what that is. But if the REAL you is going to be seen some things have to go.

Here are 9 things you have to let go of if you are going to rise:


Perfection is not a human option and striving for it is an exercise in futility. I’m a recovering perfectionist so I get it but when you hold onto a need for things to be perfect, all you’re really doing is making excuses. And in my world there’s never a good reason to be making excuses.


There will be lots of things that could possibly go wrong but holding onto fear only sabotages you. Rising involves learning to work with your fear not allowing it to control you. You have to let go of fear so it no longer has a strangle hold on you or your dreams.

Other people’s expectations

Someone is always going to have an opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do. You’ve wasted enough of your life trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Doing this hasn’t created the life you want so maybe now is a good time to let go of that so you can create the life you really want.


Ahh the chaos of uncertainty, it’s enough to make even the bravest of persons turn back and not move forward. But here’s the thing, certainty means you will create what you have always known. Embracing uncertainty will allow new things to emerge and new adventures to be undertaken.

The familiar and comfortable

Rising involves getting outside your comfort zone. You will have to let go of what you once knew, in favor of the possibility of what is to come. You already know what life is like here; it might now be time for you to discover all the magic waiting for you outside your comfort zone.

Old stories that no longer serve you

You have stories you’ve told yourself about what you can do or who you can become. Stories that might have worked at one point in your life but deep down you know they are no longer true. To truly rise into your greatness, you have to let go of these old stories and find the courage to start writing new ones.


Guilt is a powerful emotion. It can take the legs out from underneath even the most confident and determined people. The problem with guilt is that it tells you something about yourself that is not true and, more times than not, it’s connected to someone else’s expectations of you (see #3 above).

Negative self-talk

That annoying voice in your head will have a field day in your mind the instant you start even thinking about who you might become. Silencing that negative self-talk is critical or else you will get stuck on that hamster wheel in your mind and you’ll never take action. Then one day, you will look back with regret wishing you had had the courage to do something differently.


The dreaded comparison game! You know you play it; we all do. The comparison game keeps you focused on someone else instead of on your own life and in the end you lose. All because you believe the lie that someone else is better than you. Do your thing and stop worrying about the person beside you.

Here’s to you letting go of these things and rising into YOUR greatness!

From my heart to yours,




Do you know which one of these you need to surrender? Feels too hard to do on your own? Let’s talk about how coaching can support you in your rising. Schedule a complimentary call with me today and let’s see if we might be a good for each other.

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