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when i am a feminist

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to hear Glennon Doyle Melton share her story. At one point in her talk, she made the above statement and it really stuck with me.

Mostly because these words perfectly state what is at the core of my work, wanting women to be at the table not on the menu.

When I realize I am a feminist

Over the last several months, it’s been like scales falling off my eyes as I am becoming more and more aware of the many ways women have been demeaned and made to be less than in our society.

This awareness has served to fuel the passion for my work even more and has caused me to see that I am in fact a feminist. I define a feminist as someone who believes that women have a right to own their bodies, their voices, their stories, and their lives.

The empowerment of women is not just some catchy phrase to me. It is the core of what I do because I believe our world needs more women at the table, now more than ever.

Let me clear, I am not talking about empowering women at the expense of men. We need both masculine AND feminine voices. The problem is, today there is a serious imbalance and we are paying a price for it.

Women as less than

This is not new; there is a long history of women being subjugated. First by the religious structures of the world, now by the media and corporate cultures.

The reign of patriarchy depended (and still depends) on women “keeping their place”. This has led to the systematic silencing of women’s voices.

We are blamed for the inexcusable acts of men so we don’t speak up when our bodies are violated. We are told we should be flattered when men catcall us and if we are not then we are bitches.

If our confidence shows we are too aggressive and if we speak up we are labeled a troublemaker.

We are regularly reduced to our physical characteristics and our value measured by those traits.

And what saddens me most is the ways we, as women, have bought into this misogyny and the abuse we heap on ourselves as a result.

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When it’s not safe to be a girl

I recently had the profound realization that because of the dogmatic religious culture I grew up, I never felt safe in my body. The language and behavior of BOTH the men and women around me caused me to feel shame for having a female form.

As a result, I disconnected from my body. I got good grades, could hold a heady conversation with the best of them but I paid little to no attention to my body. In fact, I worked as hard as I could to hide my body. It was bad and it was wrong and it was best if no one ever saw it. So I retreated.

I swallowed my body up in clothes that were ill-fitting and too big. Gained weight as a way to stay safe because everyone knows “fat” people are invisible. I became less than because I bought their lies.

But I am on a journey back home to this body of mine. I am reclaiming my sacred feminine power and my story as a woman alive in that power. And I want you to join me.

We have to stop living in the narrative society has pushed on us. We have to let go of those stories and show up FULLY because the world needs us.

More women at the table

We need more women at the table because solutions we come up with have positive ramifications across multiple generations.

More women are needed at the table because we are driven by compassion and kindness, not money and greed.

We need more women at the table because, without our voices, men will continue to decide what is right for us.

I invite you to consider the ways you have held yourself back from showing up. How are you playing into patriarchy’s story without even realizing it?

Today, may you choose to own your voice, reclaim your power and rise into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,




P.S: If you’re ready to change the narrative so you can reclaim your power, let’s talk. Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me where we can discuss what it would look like for you to gain the confidence and courage to take your place at the table.

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