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The words “calling” or “called to do” are frequently used in disingenuous and inauthentic ways. As a result, if I’m honest, I have had a hard time saying I feel called to do the work I am doing but I have no other way to explain the passion that is in me about my work.

The energy and excitement that builds up in me when I think about it can only be described as a calling. And as I have become clearer about who I want to serve, my passion has grown even more.


I have been a leader of leaders for a long time, yet when I first started my business I had a hard time saying I worked with leaders. I experienced so much resistance and for a long time I couldn’t explain why I was feeling that resistance so I avoided using the word ‘leader’ in describing my work. Yet I was still drawn to and drawing to me people who were leaders.

When I finally sat down and processed it through, I realized the resistance I was feeling was towards the style of leadership commonly taught and perpetuated. This leadership style is a very macho, aggressive, and competitive style of leadership that is often disconnected from the heart.

I learned to lead in that way but as I grew in my leadership I discovered that I felt more like myself when my heart was connected with those I served. I enjoyed collaborating with other leaders and creating something of value without needing to take credit for it. I loved the moments when those I lead felt really cared for and nurtured so they could achieve that goal they didn’t think they could do.

These, I have learned, are feminine qualities of leadership but in the current leadership paradigm, women are punished when those qualities are shown. The more masculine qualities of getting ahead at all cost, sacrificing any and everything, and the end justifying the means are all celebrated and rewarded.

Surrender (and Excitement)

For too long, women have been told to be successful they have to think and act like a man. As a result, women leaders have played down their femininity and shoved aside anything that would portray them as weak or not as good as a man. I believe that this has done harm to the souls of women and the fabric of our society.

The real voice of women leaders has been silenced long enough and I feel a strong call to empower women to let their voices be heard in authentic ways that honor their hearts and souls.

I want to see women embrace all of who they are and courageously show up in their leadership with their full self, no longer wearing a mask that is nothing like who they truly are.

Being a leader who is a woman can be a lonely place. I am out to create a tribe of women leaders (and the men who love and support them) who are unafraid of their power, unafraid of letting their voices be heard and who are ready to do their work in their way!

When I start talking and writing about this I get so fired up.

I am shifting my focus and energy towards supporting women leaders to come out of hiding. The articles I will share will be with those women in mind. Women who lead teams, run their own business, or head up a cause or non-profit (or aspire to any of these). These are the women I feel called to serve and I believe that as more women’s voices are heard, our world will be changed for the better.

Here’s to women leaders rising into their greatness!

From my heart to yours,





Are you a leader and a woman tired of trying to be a man when you would rather just be who you are? Are you ready to step fully into who you are as a leader? Click here to schedule a complimentary call to discuss how to get you the support you need to become the kind of leader you really want to be.

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