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benefits of gratitude

Last week I shared how gratitude trumps fear every time. Gratitude leaves no space for fear to be in control. Fear might be felt but it cannot run the show so long as you are in gratitude.

But combating fear is just one of the benefits that comes from practicing gratitude. The benefits of gratitude are numerous. Here are just 10 reasons you should make gratitude a regular part of your life.

1. Makes you happier

When you’re in gratitude joy is much easier to access. You notice the things that make you happy and you give yourself permission to experience those things fully. You don’t rush past them. Gratitude slows you down so you can fully appreciate and be with the moments that make your heart smile.

2. Improves self-esteem

Nothing shoots down your self-esteem faster than comparing yourself to someone else. Comparison focuses your attention on where you are lacking, while gratitude allows you to celebrate all the things that are already amazing about you.

3. Reduces frustration and aggression

A 2012 study by the University of Kentucky found that “gratitude motivates people to express sensitivity and concern for others and stimulates prosocial behavior.” Aggressive behavior and a need to retaliate against others are greatly reduced when in gratitude.

4. Improves your physical health

Grateful people are more likely to take care of their health and overall well-being. Because what you focus on grows, gratitude allows you to shift away from complaining about aches and pains and instead celebrate what is going well. Also, the improvement in overall well-being that comes from gratitude contributes to a desire to make smarter choices when it comes to your health.

5. Deepens connection with others

The simple act of saying thank you to someone, even if the person is a stranger, creates connection. But beyond saying thank you, expressing real appreciation to your loved ones will deepen your relationship and strengthen the ties that bind you together with them. Your relationships are richer because you are in gratitude.

6. Improves your sleep

A practice of documenting moments of gratitude calms your mind, which can lead to better sleep at night. Research has shown that those who write in a gratitude journal prior to going to bed experienced a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. Cultivate gratitude and you will sleep better.

7. Holds space for sorrow and grief

Gratitude holds a sacred space for grief to be felt. It gives you the ability to hold sorrow for what is lost alongside the memories that bring joy for what was at one point. Gratitude doesn’t remove the pain instead it makes the pain easier to bear.

8. Brings with it peace and contentment

Gratitude helps you learn to surrender to what is rather than fighting against it.

Resistance only creates anxiety, stress and worry, none of which is conducive to creating a positive mind. But by allowing what is to be you discover greater peace and contentment. This doesn’t mean that you don’t try to improve the situation; it simply means you trust that in the end things will work out FOR you.

9. Opens you up to new things

Gratitude opens you up to life in new ways. You see things you had not notice before. You become more aware of new opportunities, new relationships, even new adventures that you might not have considered before. When in gratitude the world opens up before you in exciting new ways, full of possibility.

10. Energizes you

As new opportunities come to you, gratitude energizes you to seize those opportunities. You are motivated to chase the dream, reach the goal or make whatever changes you need to make to get you there. Obstacles become stepping-stones on the path to you achieving things you never dreamed possible before.

Clearly the benefits of gratitude can help you create a more positive way of engaging with life. Cultivating a gratitude practice is a win-win. To support you in developing this practice I am hosting a FREE 30-Day Gratitude Challenge throughout the month of November.

In the US, November is a time when our thoughts naturally turn towards thankfulness. Join me for this challenge and see what benefits you might discover for yourself as you shift away from the negative and focus on the positive. Click here to learn more.

Here’s to you embracing gratitude as a natural part of your life.

From my heart to yours,




If you’re ready to experience a different way of engaging with your life then I invite you to join me for the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. If you would like to explore what additional support could look like for you click here to schedule a complimentary call with me today.

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