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It’s no secret that I believe in the power of coaching to bring about significant changes in your life. Changes that I believe will transform your world at a deep, soul level.

But it can be hard to know if you really need a coach or not. Here are 5 reasons why you may need to consider investing in a coach.

You need accountability

One of the greatest benefits of investing in a coach is the accountability it brings. A coach will help hold you to pursuing the goals you say you want to achieve.

We all want to believe we have enough “get up and go” within us to reach our goals. But the truth is a lot of times life gets in the way and when that happens it’s often easier to make excuses rather than progress.

A coach keeps you accountable and pushes you to go further than you might have gone on your own.

You need truth reflected back to you

If you are like most women, you don’t see yourself very well. You dismiss the good, exaggerate the bad and wish away the parts of you that make you uniquely you.

All those pieces and parts – the good, the bad, and the “ugly” – combine to make you the gorgeous masterpiece that you are.

The problem is comparisonitis causes you to diminish yourself. Failing to see the beauty in your perceived flaws, you strive to become a poor imitation of someone else.

Like a mirror, a coach can reflect the truth of who you are back to you. A coach can help you see and celebrate all that is truly beautiful about you so you can really shine.

Your limiting beliefs are hindering you

You may need a coach if there is any area of your life where you are experiencing an outcome that you don’t want. If this is true for you then you have a limiting belief that’s creating that result.

It may be one or it may be a whole host of them but there is a belief hiding in your subconscious that is standing in your way.

You can feel it when you try to do something you’ve never done before and fear shuts you down. You feel it when you do something you really enjoy but guilt shows up for some unknown reason.

Working with a coach can help you uncover the limiting beliefs that are causing you to hold back; the ones that are keeping you from playing big and really showing up in your life.

You need permission

Too many women live under an unspoken pressure to measure up to someone else’s standards and a sense that to do anything differently is completely out of the question.

You may need a coach if you find yourself waiting for someone to say it’s okay for you to write your own rules for success.

A coach can empower you in giving yourself permission to just be you and to show up in the world in a way that feels right for you.

Other people may have an opinion about it but with a coach’s support you will discover that’s not your problem.

You have something to say

I believe strongly that if more women were at the table, we would have sustainable solutions to some of our world’s deepest wounds including poverty and gender inequality.

The systematic yet subtle silencing of women has left a void in the world that can only be filled with the feminine voice.

I believe you have something to say that needs to be heard. It may not be on a global stage but your voice matters to the people you love and lead.

A coach can help you to confidently own your voice so your truth can be heard. As you own your voice, you give others permission to do the same and a ripple effect is felt in the soul of our world.

If this resonates with you on some level then I encourage you to reach out and find a coach who can give you the support you need. I know you are fiercely independent but you don’t have to figure this out on your own. It’s okay to ask for help 🙂

Here’s to you rising into your greatness.

From my heart to yours,




If you would like to explore whether our working together would be a good fit for you, click here to schedule a complimentary call with me today.

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