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you are enough

If the people we attract to ourselves are a reflection of what we need to learn most at that moment in time, then remembering I am enough is the lesson on tap for me.

It is a subject that has come up for several of my clients in the last couple of weeks and I’m noticing areas where my own inner critic is attempting to convince me that I am not enough.

Oftentimes, our sense of enoughness is measured by the approval and acceptance of others. We falsely believe that we need another person to validate us and we start seeking things or status to make us feel like we are enough.

Enoughness comes from within

There is always going to be a voice, either internal or external, that will try to convince you that you have to do more or change something about yourself in order to be considered enough.

But your sense of enoughness can never come from outside yourself. It does not come from how much money you make, the square footage of your house, or the make and model of your car. It doesn’t even come from a title you have been given.

No amount of money or success can substitute for the deep inner knowing that you are enough exactly as you are.

You are enough simply because you are alive and the breathe of Divine is in you. You do not have to earn the right to be enough!

Here are 6 other ways to know you are enough.

Own your quirks

The comparison game is a dangerous one and the easiest way to start feeling like you are not enough. The thing is there is always going to be someone smarter, prettier, or more successful than you. So what? What does that have to do with you being who you are?

Instead of wishing you were different, I invite you to appreciate all the things about you that make you unique. Criticizing those parts of you is easy; celebrating them takes a lot more courage and I happen to believe that you are more courageous than you realize.

Whatever random thing about yourself that you’ve decided makes you not enough, I say turn it around and decide that is part of what makes you more than enough.

Seek to expand rather than add to yourself

When you add to yourself you try to strengthen a weakness or develop a new skill because it’s what you “should” do. A better approach would be to expand the areas where you are already strong.

Your strengths are part of what makes you who you are. By playing to your strengths, you own who you are and stand in the power of that person.

The things that light you up should be the places where you are spending the majority of your time. Shore up your weaknesses but play to your strengths.

Make mistakes and make them often

As a recovering perfectionist I hate making mistakes. But if you are doing anything worthwhile in life, then mistakes are going to happen.

Making mistakes gives you an opportunity to practice kindness to yourself. Bullying yourself will never work to move you forward. But if you are kind to yourself, you can uncover lessons from the mistake rather than letting it take you out.

Mistakes are learning opportunities, not indicators of how not enough you are. They don’t make you less than, they make you human.

Go outside into nature

Being in nature pulls you out of the noise of other people’s expectations and allows you to see what it looks like to just be. There isn’t a single thing in nature that is striving to be anything other than what it is.

When you get outside in nature you remember that you also don’t need to strive to be anything other than who you are. Nature helps remind you of YOUR true nature and when you remember that, you know you are enough.

Express gratitude

You can’t be in fear and gratitude at the same time. It won’t work. The energy of those two emotions oppose each other.

The fear that you are not enough cannot exist while you are in gratitude so I invite you to begin a daily practice of expressing gratitude. Every day write five (5) things for which you are thankful. You can write more than 5 but no less.

Keep at it and, in time, you’ll notice your perspective will shift and it will be easier to remember that you are more than enough.

Spend time in silence

The gifts of silence and solitude are lost in the never-ending busyness of our 24/7 connected lives. Staying busy feeds the lie that your enoughness is measured by all the things that you can get done.

Being in stillness helps detach your value from what you do. Taking time to sit in silence anchors you back to your essence. It reminds you that you are of immeasurable worth.

Your value cannot be boiled down to a to-do list. You are a living embodiment of the Divine. As such, you are inherently worthy and beyond measure.

You Are Enough! May you never forget it.

From my heart to yours,




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