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As I mentioned last week I am taking a short hiatus while I create new content for our community. While on my break, I am sharing posts I have written for other sites across the internet.

This week I am sharing a post I wrote last month for She Owns It where I am a regular guest contributor. She Owns It is a place where women entrepreneurs and business owners can go to get useful information to help grow their businesses.

We have spent March talking about change and I know anytime you have to deal with change, fear is present. In this post, I share 4 tips for dealing with fear. Enjoy!

Fear-Stands; dealing with fear

I’ve spent much of the first weeks of this year learning and doing things I’ve never done before. I’m being stretched in ways I never imagined and in the process discovering new things about myself.

While this growth has been good, what has not been as good is the battles I have had to wage with fear. It seems that fear has been my constant companion during this season, showing up like clockwork with every new endeavor I undertake.

I used to let fear stand in my way. I would feel fear and take it as a sign that I had to stop whatever it was I was attempting to do.

I have learned however, that fear doesn’t have to stop me. If I can learn to deal effectively with it, my fears can actually work to my advantage.

Using the letters of F.E.A.R. as an acronym, I’d like to share four ways you can deal with your fear and keep it from limiting your progress forward.

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