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betraying myself, inner wisdom

I’ve always had good instincts, an innate ability to just know certain things even if I couldn’t put them into words. Typically this showed up in just knowing when something wasn’t quite right, though I couldn’t always explain why I felt that way.

On more than one occasion, someone came into my world and for some reason I couldn’t trust them. Others around me would sing their praises but I couldn’t go there. They hadn’t done anything in particular, something just didn’t feel right.

I often didn’t know what to do with that feeling so I didn’t say anything and just waited to see what would happen. Every single time, without fail, the person eventually proved to be untrustworthy.

Without thinking too hard, I can think of at least 5 times this has happened in my life. You would think I’d see the pattern and more than that, you’d think I would have learned to trust that gift in me.

But the truth is I’ve spent more time questioning my instincts that trusting them. I always believed that other people were more right (usually because they were in a position of higher authority than me) and I silenced myself even when I felt strongly that I was right.

I spent so much time second-guessing myself that even after I was proven right, I still wouldn’t trust myself. But that’s starting to change.


My word for this year is Open. Each month I’ve been picking a theme that helps focus me even more on my OneWord. For June, the theme was Open Up & Receive. I had an idea what I wanted RECEIVE to mean but I sensed, even as the theme came to me, that it would not be what I thought.

Over and over again this month, the message “trust your gut” kept showing up for me. At least weekly, typically multiple times in a week, I was reminded to trust my gut. The words are even on my Vision Board for this year, which I look at every morning 😊 

As June winds to a close and I look back, I realize this was the message I needed to receive. I was reminded that I do have good instincts and I need to trust those instincts more. When I don’t, I betray myself and betraying myself is no longer an option.

For too long, I have allowed my voice to be silenced in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Sometimes I silenced my own voice; other times I allowed people to hijack my voice for their own personal agendas.

Every time my voice was silenced, my gut told me it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t do it but I ignored that part of me. I didn’t listen to my own inner wisdom and paid a price for it, even though I didn’t see it at the time.

Deep Inner Wisdom

There is a deep inner wisdom that I believe is innate to women. It’s a knowing that tells us when something isn’t quite right. Men have it too but I believe it is heightened in women.

We’ve been conditioned, however, not to trust that inner wisdom and yet I believe all of the answers that we need are available to us from that place deep within.

I am committing to no longer ignoring my own inner wisdom. I have received the messages sent to me this month and I am choosing to trust myself more.

I am done betraying myself for other people, both the real people in my world and all the imaginary ones I have created in my own mind.

I invite you to join me in this commitment. Let’s make betraying ourselves no longer an option. Let’s you and I choose to listen to that deep inner wisdom in us so we can live the lives we were born to REALLY live.

Here’s to both of us rising into our greatness.

From my heart to yours,




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