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Makeda has over two decades of leadership experience but admits that her own fears, doubts, and negative self-talk once kept her playing small. 

In early 2012 Makeda experienced what she calls a dark night of her soul, living under the crushing weight of a grief she could not put into words. She emerged from that dark, hopeless time knowing that her soul’s well-being depended on her taking a huge risk and making some significant changes in her life.

Two years later, she left her successful job where she served as part of the Executive Team at a large company she had helped to start 12 years earlier. As a certified Life Coach, she now uses the tools and strategies she developed while navigating such a major life and career change to support women in rising into their own personal greatness.

She envisions a world where women know they matter, believe they are enough, and embrace the power and courage they ALREADY possess to radically transform their lives.

Makeda has the ability to quickly engage with her audience and delivers practical and valuable takeaways in a lighthearted, fun, and memorable way.

Most Requested Topics

I am happy to tailor my topics to fit your audience and event needs.

Navigating Change Fear(less)ly

In this dynamic and interactive session participants learn to harness courage’s energy, reframe how they see and experience fear, and are equipped to tackle problems that are currently overwhelming them. Plus they walk away with practical tools and tangible strategies they can use right away to deal with fear and navigate change in their life or career.

Quieting Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is so common most women believe they have to “just live with it” but that’s not true. During this engaging talk, participants learn how to turn down the volume of that voice; separating their true voice from that negative one in their head; and reclaiming their OWN power in the process. They walk away specific strategies they can use right away to silence the negative chatter so they can achieve their goals and dreams. 

Audience Love

“Makeda has a powerful, yet gentle stage presence. She is warm, welcoming and calming but she also really engages with the audience. People were laughing, crying, and they walked away inspired and motivated. In one word, she was AWESOME!” Miranda Dauphinee, She’s Brave Conference Founder and Organizer

“Makeda was AMAZING. The amount of valuable takeaways she managed to give in the time period was powerful. Her smooth flow and lighthearted energy made the takeaways easy to digest and remember.” Sarah Madras, She’s Brave attendee

“From the very beginning Makeda created a welcoming environment that made it easy to share and receive. The flow of her teaching was great, and the content and the way Makeda presented the information kept my attention the whole time.” Raven Lawton, Workshop Attendee

Professional Bio

Mindset and Empowerment Coach, Makeda Pennycooke is a sought-after speaker, teacher, writer and workshop facilitator with over two decades of experience in leadership and personal development.

After navigating multiple major life and career changes, she firmly believes fear is temporary but regret is permanent. She uses the lessons she’s learned to support women who are facing a crossroads in their life, find their brave and rise into their greatness.

Makeda inspires her audience with her laid-back style and warm, engaging personality. She is consistently told people feel safe with her and she considers it an honor to hold space for her clients and audiences.

She believes chocolate makes everything better, and life should be filled with moments that make your heart sing. She loves the ocean, sun-kissed days, and a good cup of steaming hot tea (always tea, never coffee). She currently resides in Charlotte, NC but harbors a secret wish to live in Sydney, Australia 

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