Do your fears have you feeling paralyzed and stuck? Are they getting the better of you, keeping you from doing things you really want to do?

It's time you did something about that!

You're feeling challenged and stretched. You have a change you know you need to make, a dream keeps tugging at you, wanting you to step into it but YOU'RE AFRAID!

You want more out of life, know you are meant for more. You're not looking to accumulate more stuff. NO, the more you want is the deep soul-level knowing that you are living out the fullest potential of your life.

You want to be more courageous.


  • Afraid you aren't good enough (or smart enough)
  • Afraid of losing the stability and control you have now
  • Afraid of what people will think of you
  • Afraid you might fail
  • Afraid of letting people down

You're not alone. Everyone has to deal with fear on some level. Any endeavor in life worth doing brings fear with it. Whether it's parenting or starting a business or chasing a dream, fear is there.

What if, instead of letting it stop, you could learn to make friends with your fear? What if your fear could become a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block?

Imagine yourself...

  • Feeling less hesitancy and more excitement in life.
  • Experiencing more freedom because you're not carrying the dread of fear around with you.
  • Feeling more confident and speaking up more as a result.
  • Taking steps toward that dream that's been sitting in the back of your mind since forever.

I believe you can experience that and more by learning how to face and befriend your fears. Though it feels hostile, your fear is not actually the enemy. Learn how to see your fear differently so you can


In the Facing and Friending Your Fears training, you'll learn

  • Why the presence of fear is not a bad thing.
  • The belief behind most fears and how to change that belief.
  • What to do when you're feeling overwhelmed by fear.

You'll also learn the two types of fears including which one to actively deal with and which one to simply notice and allow.


  • Video Teaching

    30 minutes of content delivered by video

  • Audio Download

    Audio of teaching so you can take it with you and listen anywhere

  • Handout

    To help solidify the teaching as you listen

  • Worksheet

    To help you put into action everything you’ve learned


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Carianne Sica

Working with Makeda has changed my life. The tools she has given me WORK and they have been a real gift in my life. When I get "paralyzed" by an issue, I now know I get to make the choice to stay stuck or to do what I need to do in that moment. The tools I now have help me get unstuck faster & easier. She is amazing & I am forever grateful for her.

Carianne Sica

Who is Makeda?

Hello! I'm Makeda and I'm a certified Life Coach though I prefer to think of myself as an Empowerment Coach. I support women (and some men) leaders in identifying and overcoming the inner obstacles standing in their way.

I spent the better part of the last nearly 20 years in one leadership role or another but my inner critic and limiting beliefs kept me playing small and never fully showing up for my life.

After doing some serious inner work (that continues still) I started my own coaching practice with a vision of seeing a world where women know they matter, believe they are enough, and embrace the power they have to radically transform their lives.

I specialize in tools and strategies for dealing with your inner critic, limiting beliefs, and the fears that keep you stuck living a life that’s less than the one you are capable of living. I believe chocolate makes everything better, and life should be filled with moments that make your heart sing. I love the ocean, sun-kissed days and a good cup of steaming hot tea.

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  • Q.Will I have instant access to everything once I buy?

    A.Yes, as soon as your payment clears PayPal you will receive an email with all the details to you need to gain instant access to everything in the training.

  • Q.What if I have questions after I listen?

    A.You are free to email me and I will respond back to you as soon as I am able.

  • Q.Why is it so inexpensive?

    A.I understand how debilitating fear can be and I want you to have some tools to help you manage those fears. I didn’t want price to be a factor.

Jessica Irvine

Makeda is safe, easy and fun to work with! I love how she waits and allows me to seek what my heart is really feeling in order to unearth what I had been suppressing. Every session with her was valuable but the greatest part was when I could see the change for myself in my emotions when in circumstances. There is 0% judgment in every conversations which creates a safe place to process the hard things. I loved working with her. 

Jessica Irvine


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