90 Minutes to Get Your Big Idea Off the Ground

give me 90 minutes of your time and I'll give you (almost) everything you need to get that idea out of your head and on it's way into the world

You have an idea for

  • An E-Book

  • An Online Course You Want to Offer

  • A Website Design (or redesign) Layout

  • A New Service You Want to Offer

  • A Product or Service You Want to Revamp

  • A Different Project or Idea

Your idea is important to you but you're busy. You know that unless you intentionally carve out the time to talk this out, it's never going to happen.

You have most, if not all, the pieces figured out but where you're stuck is knowing how to make them all fit together.

You need some support brainstorming how to flush out all the pieces into a workable plan.

Fortunately for you, strategizing and brainstorming are my sweet spots and The Clarity Intensive is the perfect setting to take your idea from your head into reality.

I bring a fresh pair of eyes, along with the ability to ask just the right questions, allowing you to gain the clarity you need to pull everything together.

Christin Ingram

Makeda is amazing to work with! I was trying to flush out a new business idea and the brainstorming session with her catapulted me forward. I had a lot of different thoughts and notes around my idea, but just needed to sort them out and come up with some succinct steps for moving forward. She asked lots of questions and as I worked with her, I watched my idea unfold beautifully. I walked away feeling clarity and excitement. My ebook will be finished next month! Makeda has also been great in helping me to organize my thoughts and to clarify my business goals. When you are just getting started it’s great to have some accountability around moving forward with your business and to feel like someone is in your corner.

Christin Ingram

In one 90-minute session we will:

  • Figure out all the elements involved in your project or idea
  • Get crystal clear on your desired outcome
  • Establish an overall outline for each element of your idea
  • Layout all the steps you need to take
  • Set deadlines for each step, as well as for the soft launch of project
  • Determine what, if any, additional support you will need to complete your project
Lisa Shea

When I began working on content for my ministry’s website, I called on Makeda for her wisdom and experience. She did not disappoint! With creative detail she was able to put into words what was on my heart but couldn’t articulate. She was able to “pull out of me” what was stuck. She helped me narrow my focus and pinpoint my “tribe”.  I left very encouraged and with a new passion to move forward.

Lisa Shea
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The Clarity Intensive Includes

  • Pre-Session Worksheets

    To establish your goals and objectives. Delivered to you as soon as payment is received and your session is booked

  • 15-Minute Pre-Session Call

    via Skype or private Google+ Hangout to answer any questions I have about your worksheet so we are ready to brainstorm when we meet.

  • One 90-Minute Session

    where we will pull all the pieces together into a workable plan for you

  • Clarity Intensive Strategic Plan PDF

    detailing the highlights and other important details from your session

  • Email Support

    for up to two weeks post your session for accountability and answer any outstanding questions


Introductory Offer $249

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q.Can you really do all of this in 90 mins?

    A.In most cases, yes, 90 minutes is all that is needed. Occasionally more time is needed but that is rare. We will hit it hard and fast.

  • Q.How effective can this really be virtually?

    A.I will be no less vested in your success than if we did it in person. Skype and Google+ allows us to see each other and feed off each other’s energy just as effectively. Also, any brainstorming or sketching out of ideas can easily be shown. If needed a shared workspace can be created on Google Drive but that is typically not necessary.

  • Q.Can I divide my Intensive into two 45-minute sessions?

    A.Depending on your project, it might make more sense to divide your intensive into two sessions. We would make that decision during your pre-session call.

  • Q.What is included in the Clarity Intensive Strategic Plan PDF?

    A.It includes highlights from your session, the established outline for your project, deadlines for each step discussed as part of your project, and specific steps you need to take in the following 7 days to get you moving.

  • Q.If I need additional support after my 90 minutes, are you available?

    A.You have, included in the cost, up to two weeks of email support post your session. We can talk about what additional support may look like if needed.

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