Are You Tired of Living with the Nagging Sense that You Are Meant For More?

Tired of wishing things were different but feeling stuck and unsure what to do to get moving forward?

    You’re frustrated! So frustrated it’s almost palpable.

    You know deep down inside that you are capable of so much more than what you’re experiencing right now. I don’t mean, “name in flashing lights, life of excess” more. No, what you want is a life of deeper connection, richer experiences, and the sense that you are intentionally living your life instead of just going through the motions.

    You are over just hoping your dreams will come true one day. You want to be taking action on those dreams.

    You’re done with the frustration of not being able to gain traction on your goals.

    You’ve had enough of spinning your wheels and getting absolutely nowhere.

    You’re tired of your fears and insecurities dictating how you live your life. You want more, or at the very least you want different!

    Tracie Frank

    Working with Makeda has been wonderful! She has an amazing ability to get right to the heart of what’s keeping me stuck. Whenever we encounter a knot in my thinking, Makeda patiently and carefully works at it until the tangle loosens and the problem unravels. Her approach is simple and straightforward. No matter how overwhelmed I feel going into our sessions, I come out of them feeling empowered. With Makeda’s help, getting to the top of a scary mountain has been broken down into manageable, doable steps.

    Tracie Frank

    I get it! I spent years standing in my own way, afraid to let my light shine for fear of what others might think or how it might disrupt my otherwise stable life. That might have kept me safe but it also kept me living a less than existence. I was meant for more and in time, I learned to stand in my own greatness. I want to help you do the same.

    Here’s the thing, I believe there is a seed of greatness divinely planted in you.

    I believe that nagging sense that you are meant for more is your greatness trying to get your attention.

    I believe that you have what it takes to rise into that greatness and deliver to the world the gifts you were uniquely designed to bring to it.

    I further believe that you can silence the voice of your fears, your past and the even the persistently annoying one in your head telling you that you can’t possibly do what it is you KNOW you are meant to be doing.

    Catalyst for Change

    The Clarity Catalyst Sessions are all about igniting change IN you and FOR you. A catalyst is a person or thing that precipitates an event.

    The event? You fully owning your story, stepping into your greatness and offering to the world your best self, whatever that looks like and means for you.

    The catalyst? You and me working together to identify where it is you want to be and then together crafting the plan that will get there.

    If you're ready to

    • Discover a clear path to the things you want most out of life
    • Understand how your unique personality type impacts how you see the world
    • Gain clarity on the limiting mindsets and beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward
    • Get crystal clear on your values so you can make value-based decisions
    • Identify the areas that are out of balance in your life, with a systematic plan for addressing them
    • Have concrete solutions to deal with your unique pain points

    The Clarity Catalyst Package is perfect for you

    Melanie Williams

    I run two website design businesses and was in a full state of disarray and frustration when I began working with Makeda.  My first impression of her was the calming effect she had on my state of mind.  After our first call, I had a new sense of clarity and confidence about sorting out the confusion I was living in.  Makeda empowers me to look at what is working and what needs to be purged.  She asks such pointed questions that keep me on track.  She constantly reminds me of my goals so I don’t get overwhelmed by the disorder.  After working with her for just a few months, I feel energized and hopeful about the success of my businesses.  Having Makeda alongside me in this journey has helped me grow exponentially as a business owner.

    Melanie Williams, Pixels In My Pocket
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Q.How do I know this will work?

      A.I have a proven track record of effectively helping clients get clear about what they want and crafting a plan to get there. However, success ultimately depends on you putting in the work. You will get out of the Clarity Sessions exactly what you put in

    • Q.How will the private coaching sessions be conducted?

      A.All coaching sessions are done via Skype or private Google+ Hangout.

    • Q.How long is each coaching session?

      A.Sessions typically last about 50 minutes to an hour

    • Q.How long do I have to use my 6 six sessions?

      A.You have up to 4 months, from the Pre-Catalyst call to use your session. However, history has shown that using them within 3 months allows you to take advantage of the momentum you will gain during our time together.

    • Q.What happends if I need more time?

      A.As we near the end of your 6 sessions, we can explore you signing on for a few additional one-on-one sessions or you have the option renew your package. We would discuss what made the most sense based on the progress you are making.

    • Q.What if I want to stop half way through, can I get my money back?

      A.I want you to think of this less as you are buying something and more that you are making an investment into yourself. You support everyone else in your world. Why not do the same for yourself? I don’t want you to give up on you!

    • Q.I'm not sure I'm ready to do this, can I talk to you first?

      A.Absolutely! You can click here to get on my calendar. I would be happy to chat with you for a few minutes

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